Mainly used in tablet PC. With: energy storage. The boost filter functions.

  •  Small volume, thin type inductor.
  • Compared to the other same size products, DCR lower than other products.
  • The same volume of products, current characteristics are more superior to other traditional inductance. With the characteristics of products, the product saves the space.
  • Neat kerned winding coil and magnetic adhesive coating structure, greatly reducing the beep.
  • Do not use metal electrode sheets, directly on the iron plating electrode. And peripheral magnetic adhesive coating structure, so that products with super
  • The flexural strength and anti impact capability. At the same time also have dust. Moisture resistance coil. Oxidative aging effect. Durable.
  • This product is lead-free and halogen-free, meet environmental standards.



1: Saturation Rated Current:  The current when the inductance becomes 30% lower than
         its nominal value. (Ta=255J)
2: Temperature Rise Current:  The temperature rise current value is the DC current 
         value having temperature increase up to 40J.  (Ta=255J)